Fixed Rate Mortgages*

Rates as of Friday, December 14, 2018

PointsInterest RateAPRPayment per $1,000PaymentsApply
10 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
0.0004.000%4.245%$10.12Show Payments
1.0003.875%4.336%$10.07Show Payments
2.0003.750%4.428%$10.01Show Payments
15 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
0.0004.125%4.296%$7.46Show Payments
1.0004.000%4.321%$7.40Show Payments
2.0003.875%4.347%$7.33Show Payments
20 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
0.0004.375%4.510%$6.26Show Payments
1.0004.250%4.503%$6.19Show Payments
2.0004.125%4.496%$6.13Show Payments
30 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage
0.0004.750%4.850%$5.22Show Payments
1.0004.625%4.812%$5.14Show Payments
2.0004.500%4.775%$5.07Show Payments

*The actual interest rate and fees available to you will be based on your credit history (and other factors) and may be different than the rates displayed here. Cost per thousand does not include RE taxes & insurance premiums. Actual payment may be higher. Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for all loans are based on a representative $100,000 loan amount for the stated term and include the points listed. Rates require minimum 20% down payment/equity, minimum 660 credit score for 1st lien position purchase or rate and term refinance of single family primary residence. Rates are not guaranteed until lock-in and subject to change without notice. Maximum loan amount is $453,100. All loan applications subject to credit underwriting and property approval. Homeowner's insurance and flood insurance (if applicable) are required. Private mortgage insurance (PMI) is required if your down payment/equity is less than 20% and rates may be higher. 1 point and 2 point products are also available. Please contact a mortgage loan originator for current rates.

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